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Francesco Rossi fine art photography

Francesco Rossi fine art photography

Hi, my name is Francesco Rossi, I live in Central Switzerland and I am a photographer. My job takes me frequently all around the world where I have the opportunity to visit great places and bring back incredible shots.


Since a few years I have started my own business in wedding photography and selling fine art prints of my best work.

If you are interested in buying any of my prints, in a photoshoot or in simply talking about photography, you are most than welcome in contacting me.

About me

price list 2015


main event - 6 hours coverage, begins at

1.500 CHF

1.500 EUR


300 CHF

300 EUR

photo album

on demand

please note that additional costs may be charged depending on the location


per hour

300 CHF

300 EUR


fine art paper A4

50 CHF

50 EUR

fine art paper A3

110 CHF

110 EUR

fine art paper A2

200 CHF

200 EUR


on demand


on demand

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Francesco Rossi

Zwydenweg, 3

CH-6052 Hergiswil

icilio.rossi (at) gmail.com

t: +41 - 79 - 2156801

e: info (at) francescorossi.com

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Contact Info

Who is Francesco Rossi?  He is an artist, starting out his photography knowledge as a teenager, he started studying light in year 2005 where he realized that Photography was his true passion. The whole study is still work in progress as he always says: "as soon as you think you master something, there is something else to learn".



His main business has taken him all around the world visiting 5 of 6 continents. Antarctica still is just a dream to visit.

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